Improving Image Uploading and Address Handling in Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss some technical issues related to integrating the Bravo and Xano platforms. They mention that the sound quality is better and discuss an issue with the Wized Wi-Fi connection. They go on to discuss a specific endpoint in the Bravo platform that deals with property registration. They discuss the need to update the endpoint to include the "location" field instead of the "address" field. They make some adjustments to the code to fix some issues and run a test. They encounter an error message related to unsupported input, which they investigate further and fix by making changes to the code. They run additional tests and continue to debug and make adjustments as needed. They discuss the importance of collecting the right data and suggest making changes in the Bravo platform to send more information to Xano. They also discuss the possibility of using Google Maps API to retrieve geolocation data from addresses. They explore the option of using a custom function to clean up the code and retrieve specific latitude and longitude data from Google's API. They make changes to the code and test the function. The meeting ends with the State Changers expressing gratitude and appreciation for the helpful insights and discussing plans to continue working on the integration.

(Source: Office Hours 9/15 )

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