Improving Performance and Handling Token Refresh

In this meeting, the State Changer discusses a performance issue they are experiencing with their app. They show a screen sharing of their app where swiping between different pages causes API calls to be slow. The State Changer mentions that swiping between different pages, such as the inbox and calendar, causes a loading delay in API calls. They also show the backend traffic and request history, indicating slow response times for certain API calls.

The meeting participants discuss possible solutions to address the performance issue. One suggestion is to investigate the backend to determine why the API calls are slow and make necessary improvements. Another suggestion is to introduce a delay on the frontend before making API calls, allowing for a more conservative and asynchronous approach. They also discuss caching as a way to improve performance. By implementing caching, the app can store previous API responses for a certain period of time, reducing the need for repeated database queries. Additionally, the State Changer raises a question about where to place the refresh token in their app. They explain that currently, they are placing it in the home page, but they feel that it is called too frequently. The meeting participants suggest adding a condition at the top of the home page to check if the token needs to be refreshed based on the last login date. This approach allows for efficient token management and reduces unnecessary API calls. Overall, the meeting focuses on optimizing app performance by addressing slow API calls and improving token management.

(Source: Office Hours 11/23 )

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