Improving Performance of Xano and Weweb Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss performance issues with a website and dive into the potential causes and solutions. They start by discussing the use of the "inspect" and network traffic features to analyze the website. They identify that certain requests are taking longer than expected and discuss potential reasons for the delays, including the speed of traffic from the browser to the server and the processing time on the server side. They also explore the impact of pooling requests and how it can affect the overall performance.

The participants then examine specific requests, particularly focusing on the query all records request, which is taking a long time. They analyze the request history and identify possible areas for improvement, such as rewriting the query to optimize performance. They also discuss the importance of understanding how the website is configured, specifically regarding collections and their automatic fetching behavior. The participants recommend running performance tests, using tools like Lighthouse, to assess the website's performance and identify areas for optimization. They also mention the possibility of using thumbnail images instead of large images to improve loading times. Overall, the meeting provides insights into diagnosing and addressing performance issues in a website, including analyzing network traffic, optimizing queries, and utilizing performance testing tools.

(Source: Office Hours 6/29 )

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