Improving Performance of Xano API Calls

In this meeting, the participants discuss a performance issue with a call in their code. They identify the part of the code that is causing the slow performance and discuss potential solutions.

The main issue is the repeated API calls made in a loop. The participants consider parallelization, caching, and restructuring the code to improve performance. They run the code with and without the API calls to determine the impact on performance. They also discuss the possibility of using Lambda functions to optimize the code. To address the issue, they suggest introducing caching by creating a hash from the inputs and storing it in a database along with the API response. This way, they can check if the hash exists in the database and retrieve the response without making the API call again. The participants also mention the option of using Redis for caching, but note that using a database table should provide significant performance improvements. Overall, the meeting focuses on identifying and addressing the performance bottleneck caused by the repeated API calls in the code.

(Source: Office Hours 7/24/23 )

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