Improving User Deletion Process and Handling Access Tokens

In this meeting, the participants discuss a problem with deleting users in Xano. Currently, when a user is deleted, their records are not deleted, causing issues with broken endpoints. The participant suggests implementing a recycling bin approach where deleted users are deactivated instead of being completely deleted. This maintains referential integrity and allows for the possibility of undoing the deletion. They also discuss the need for a webhook to trigger the deletion in another system called Outseta. The participant proposes using Outseta's "delete" webhook to remove the team member account. They also mention the need to handle logging out of Outseta when logging out of the embedded application. The participant suggests using the access token from Outseta to set the access token for the embedded application using the `outside.setAccessToken` function. They recommend fetching the Outseta access token from Xano's `auth/me` route and passing it to the `setAccessToken` function on page load. The participant offers assistance and suggests reaching out during office hours if needed.

(Source: Office Hours 7/17/2023 )

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