Improving User Search Efficiency and Testing Wized Functionality

In this meeting, David is discussing a possible solution for a fuzzy search feature using Nate's codes. He suggests using a spreadsheet and ZDS file as a data source and cross-referencing with the chosen NAICS codes when a business registers. Bailey agrees with the approach and suggests creating a global function for experimenting with the search functionality.

The conversation then shifts to a discussion between David, Bailey, and Ray about the Wized solution. David expresses confusion about Bailey's expectation to back up the website and delete everything. Bailey clarifies that the goal is to test the visibility issue by deleting the extra code added to the header, global body, and homepage. David agrees to make the necessary changes and asks for guidance on how to proceed. James confirms that the backup will include custom code. The meeting ends with David preparing to delete the code and make progress with implementing the Wized solution.

(Source: Office Hours 12/16 )

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