Improving Webflow Integration and Managing Data Reconciliation

In this meeting, George discusses his email and Webflow situation. He explains his process of reconciling data and aggregating it at different levels. The team agrees that his approach is acceptable and efficient. They discuss potential optimizations for faster processing and avoiding race conditions. George is concerned about the accuracy of his system as the volume of data increases. They discuss potential points of failure and ways to ensure accuracy, such as using a string to manage the state of each task and marking it as running to avoid duplicates. The team also discusses the possibility of using external services like Hook Deck to catch and forward webhooks for better reliability. They mention that Xano's limitations on simultaneous connections can be addressed by scaling up and investing more. George expresses his desire for alignment and asks if there is time for another question, which is left to be addressed later.

(Source: Office Hours 2/17 )

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