Insights on When to Use jQuery vs JavaScript and Avoiding Over-Refactoring


In this meeting, the participants discussed the use of jQuery versus JavaScript, particularly in relation to alterations and interactions with elements on a web page. They agreed that jQuery is useful for handling such tasks, especially for responding to events like clicks and mouseovers. It was noted that jQuery is well-documented and has been optimized over many years, making it a reliable choice. However, the use of jQuery should be considered in specific circumstances, particularly when it is not immediately available or when JavaScript can accomplish the task at hand. The participants expressed a preference for using jQuery in Webflow environments and emphasized the importance of not unnecessarily loading jQuery if it is not required. The conversation also touched on the participant's interest in learning and using React. It was suggested that they focus on adding jQuery functionality that is necessary for their specific needs, rather than continually refactoring the same code or getting distracted by new technologies. Overall, the meeting highlighted the importance of assessing the specific requirements of a project and selecting the tools that enable quicker development and the acquisition of market information. The participant acknowledged the need to avoid getting caught up in constantly adopting new technologies without substantial benefits.

(Source: Office Hours 5/29 )

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