Integrating ConvertKit API with Xano for Broadcast Statistics

In this meeting, the State Changers focused on figuring out how to use the ConvertKit API. Flavio shared his screen and explained that he needed to extract IDs and subject lines from ConvertKit broadcasts in order to get statistics on open rates. They discussed different tools like Postman and Xano, and ultimately decided to use Xano for their task. They went through the workflow creation tool in Xano, setting up the request for the list of broadcasts, and then creating a loop to iterate over each broadcast. They encountered some issues with parsing JSON and configuring the loop, but were able to resolve them. They also discussed merging the individual broadcast data with the subject line data from the list, and successfully achieved the desired result. At the end of the meeting, Flavio felt confident in continuing with the task using the provided solution.

(Source: Office Hours 9/12 )

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