Integrating Firebase and Xano for Password Reset and Authentication

In this meeting, Evan brings up the topic of setting up notifications in Flutter Flow. He mentions that he found some information on Stack Overflow but is unsure how to implement it for both Firebase and Xano, as he wants to maintain account consistency. The State Changer suggests creating a custom page for the password reset process and explains that Firebase redirects to a web page for this purpose. Evan agrees and mentions that he will need to set up the firebase reset password on his own. The State Changer advises Evan to be cautious about keeping passwords synchronized and suggests posting his question on the forum for further assistance. They also mention that another member, Kamir, had previously worked on integrating Firebase and Xano and recommend reaching out to him. The State Changer offers to find relevant documentation and suggests making the topic a part of the next week's deep dive. Evan agrees to reach out to Kamir and expresses gratitude for the assistance. The meeting concludes with Evan confirming that he is good to proceed.

(Source: Office Hours 8/1/2023 )

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