Integrating Referral IDs and Troubleshooting Issues

In this meeting, the participant is discussing the integration of a reward system into an AI app on Webexano. They have successfully installed a JavaScript snippet but are having issues passing the referral ID from the browser to the server. They discuss making a request to push the data from the rewardful system into the xamarin point. They review the Webflow documentation and make changes to the code based on the instructions provided. The participant talks about testing the code and realizing that the cookies are not present in the editor side. They discuss the process of publishing the code and how to test it properly. They also mention a workaround using a script tag to accomplish the integration. Towards the end of the meeting, they discuss an issue with the cookies disappearing after page refresh and plan to further investigate and address it in another post and Loom video.

(Source: Office Hours 5/19 )

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