Integrating Upload Care with Xano and Webflow & Searching a Database for Matches

In this meeting, the participants discuss their challenges and goals for their respective projects.

- State Changer 1 expresses issues with integrating upload care, a platform for uploading images, with Xano and Webflow. They want to delete images that are uploaded mistakenly or of poor quality, giving control to the artist. - State Changer 2 seeks help with conceptually building functions in their application. They need to search a database for "actioned people" from lists provided by the UK government. They are unsure how to define conditionality for a match, balancing specificity and usability. - The group discusses using an ROC curve as a mental model for solving the matching problem. - The meeting then focuses on State Changer 1's challenges with upload care. They review the API documentation and discuss how to use the delete function. This involves sending a delete request with a URL containing the file ID as a path parameter. They compare this convention to the curly braces used in JavaScript objects. - State Changer 1 plans to work on implementing this solution.

(Source: Office Hours 8/25 )

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