Integrating Xano and Weweb: Data synchronization and event handling

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed a conceptual question regarding the integrity of data in relation to quiz scores. They reviewed a proposed solution of adding the quiz score record to the report stage and did not see any issues with it.

They also discussed an issue with two different requests not always aligning in the code. To address this, they suggested creating a common handler for both variables and listening for changes in them. They modified the code to ensure that both variables were present before running the code. They also mentioned the advantages of using a script tag, such as built-in prettifying and easier code editing. The State Changers confirmed that the logic of the code was improved and decided to test it further to ensure consistency. Finally, they asked about the usage of the underscore and handler in the code and learned that handler is a variable that refers to a function and is used as an event handling callback. Overall, the meeting focused on resolving a conceptual issue and improving the code's functionality by incorporating a common handler for multiple variables.

(Source: Office Hours 7/20/23 )

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