Integrating Xano with Bubble: Handling Test and Production Data Sources

Meeting Summary:

- Camry is looking to transition from using Bubble as their back end to using Xano. - They want to know how to link Bubble development with Xano staging and Xano production with Bubble production. - State Changer explains that Xano has branching for code, but for different databases in Xano, they need separate instances. - They discuss using the "x-data-source" header in Bubble's API connector to specify whether to use the test or production database in Xano. - They explore different approaches for determining when to call the test or production database in Bubble, including using a separate API for each environment or checking the URL for a specific parameter. - They mention that Bubble may not provide a straightforward solution for this and suggest using a workaround. - Camry decides to use the URL parameter method for now, as it allows them to differentiate between development and production environments.

(Source: Office Hours 10/13 )

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