Integration of Mixpanel into Flutter: Custom Actions and Dependencies

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed integrating Mixpanel into a flutter application. One participant shared a code stack they used with Ray and mentioned finding good documentation for the integration. They explained the steps involved, such as adding a dependency in the terminal and adding a custom action to the main.dart file.

There was a discussion about the token and its placement in the code. The participant mentioned that when they ran the code, it seemed to be connecting to the project and providing telemetry. The group also talked about managing state and authentication with Firebase. One participant shared a file related to authentication with Firebase that had been updated recently. They mentioned posting it in the chat for others to refer to. There was mention of using an article for the integration, and it was clarified that certain steps related to Pub Get and Pub Git Ed had already been taken care of through Webflow. The participant expressed their uncertainty and asked if they could continue using their existing code without running additional commands in the terminal. The discussion then shifted to the notification side and conflicts when working with multiple people on the project. The group agreed to continue working on this in the future and encouraged sharing updates and insights in the forum. The meeting ended with one participant stating their intention to catch up with the rest of the video later.

(Source: Deep Dive Flutterflow Native Package 8/30/2023 )

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