Introducing Puro for Flutter Development: Installation and Usage

In this meeting, the State Changer, Xano, leads a discussion on using the tool called Puro, which is a flutter version manager. Xano demonstrates how to install Puro by copying a command from and running it in the terminal. They also mention the need to install git using homebrew and create a Puro project called "flutterflow" with a specific version number. Xano suggests navigating to the project folder in the terminal and using the command "Puro used Flutterflow" to ensure Puro is used for that project. They also mention running "Puro use -g flutter flow" if Puro should be used for all projects globally. Xano shares that Puro is recommended by a Google developer expert and highlights its ease of use and fast installation process. Another participant, unnamed, adds that Puro can sometimes conflict with other versions of Flutter and suggests using "Puro flutter" to specify the version mentioned by Puro. They also note the need to open a new terminal after running the curl command for Puro to take effect.

(Source: Deep Dive Flutterflow Native Package 8/30/2023 )

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