Issues with Flutter and GitHub Integration in Xano-Weweb Project

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed issues related to using the GitHub integration and managing package dependencies in Flutterflow. Cameron shared a step-by-step guide he had written, which was suggested to be posted in the chat for review. Daniel then shared his experience with the GitHub integration, mentioning that it seemed simpler when using Android Studio due to its direct integration with GitHub. However, he encountered package dependency errors and found that upgrading the flutter package caused his Android Studio project to stop working.

The State Changers acknowledged the complexity of managing package dependencies and suggested that they need to familiarize themselves with this aspect. They discussed the need to install Flutter, with a specific focus on the compatibility between Flutter and Flutterflow. They discovered that the current version of Flutter is incompatible with Flutterflow and recommended using an older version (e.g., 3.7) from the Flutter SDK archive. They also mentioned the different versions to choose based on the user's operating system (e.g., 64-bit for Intel-based Macs and Windows). Overall, the meeting covered the challenges with package dependencies and the recommended solution of using a specific version of Flutter for compatibility with Flutterflow.

(Source: Office Hours Extra - Flutterflow Export 6/5 )

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