Leveraging Web Services and APIs for Efficient Development and Improved User Experience

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a couple of topics. Anthony asked if there was a way to obtain a user's location without them clicking yes. It was explained that there is a somewhat inaccurate method through using their IP address, but if they want the browser to assist, user permission is required.

Justin raised a question about API calling and when it would be necessary. It was explained that API calling is useful when you need one API to call another. For example, if you have a slow process that needs to happen in combination with other tasks and you don't require immediate results. One use case mentioned was creating initial data based on a user's form, where a background task can be used instead of waiting for the process to complete immediately. The pattern of using a background queue was discussed, which involves adding a record to a table and having a background task process it at regular intervals. This method is scalable and allows for the execution of functions that need to occur soon but don't require user wait time. Different plans were mentioned, such as running background tasks every 5 seconds on the scale plan. The meeting participants found this information helpful and gained a better understanding of how to handle location retrieval and API calling in their projects.

(Source: Office Hours 2/13 )

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