Logging Solution for File Management Issue and Auditing System

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss a logging issue they encountered with a custom file management solution built in Xano. They explain that the foreign key relationships were causing the database to crash, but the issue has since been resolved by increasing memory. However, during the error, requests to add rows to tables may have failed, which is problematic for their auditing system. They discuss the need for a quick logging solution and consider using the Nextiva API or building a logger to retrieve request history. They also discuss the option of integrating with DataDog or another similar service. They agree to start with a simple approach of saving JSON locally and then explore better options such as storing in a SQL database or a file append service. They note that third-party logging services like DataDog prioritize speed over completeness. The State Changers agree that building the logging solution themselves is the best approach initially, as it will help them understand their needs better and become better customers to potential service providers in the future. They acknowledge that the complexity of the task may evolve over time and their requirements may change. The meeting concludes with a mention of a separate issue related to Weweb's ability to clear form inputs.

(Source: Office Hours 6/21 )

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