Managing Feature Flags with Weweb and PostHog

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss how to implement multiple feature flags using a script tag. Anthony asks how to add multiple feature flags to his code and where to copy and paste the code. The State Changer advises Anthony to synchronize the timing of the feature flags using callbacks and to use the `posthog.get_feature_flag()` function to retrieve information about the feature flags. They also mention the option of passing cohort names instead of control and test for the feature flags. The State Changer suggests updating the code to set a new variable `hero` based on a feature flag and provides instructions on how to do it. The State Changer recommends using a variable approach instead of directly modifying the HTML in Webflow. They mention that Webflow is better suited for landing pages while an app requires more JavaScript thinking. Finally, the State Changer suggests using the `w[feature_flag_name].value` syntax to see the values of the feature flags in the console.log. Overall, Anthony learns how to add and manage multiple feature flags using posthog and script tags.

(Source: Office Hours 8/28/2023 )

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