Managing Likes in FlutterFlow: Swapping Elements and Custom Actions

In this meeting, Pavel discusses an issue he has with a toggle button on his app. He wants to store likes in Xano and in Flutter Flow, so they are accessible and can be manipulated. He is unsure how to handle this in Flutter Flow and asks for assistance. The State Changer suggests two possible solutions. The first is to have two versions of the toggle button, one based on Xano and one based on Flutter Flow. Clicking the button would switch between the two versions. The second solution is to update a variable tied to the button based on information from the backend. The State Changer advises Pavel to consider going outside of Flutter Flow's guardrails to achieve his desired functionality. They also mention that Flutter Flow may release updates that make the task easier in the future. Pavel plans to start with swapping the elements and then move on to custom actions if needed. The State Changer encourages Pavel to share his progress with the group and mentions that other team members are interested in learning how to efficiently handle toggle buttons.

(Source: Office Hours 7/20/23 )

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