Managing Time Zone Offset and Timestamp Conversion for Xano and Weweb

The State Changers had a meeting to discuss an issue with displaying timestamps in milliseconds on the Bubble platform. They discovered that the platform expects timestamps in seconds and not milliseconds. They discussed using Xano to convert the timestamps to seconds by dividing them by 1000. After confirming that the conversion worked, they made the necessary changes to ensure that Bubble receives timestamps in seconds.

They also discussed another issue related to time zones and working hours. They talked about using the GMT time and the time offset to determine if a record falls within specific working hours. They proposed storing the time offset as a number and using it to filter records based on working hours. They suggested converting the time offset into seconds for easier mathematical calculations. They discussed the need to update the time offset occasionally, such as when daylight savings changes. The State Changers appreciated the ideas and planned to try them out. They also mentioned the availability of office hours and community support for further assistance.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29 PM )

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