Managing Xano API and Uploading Images

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss various topics related to managing a clock, searching records, uploading images, and file management in Xano. They begin by discussing searching records using indexes and table references. They explore different ways to search records by owner and discuss the possibility of using the actual text instead of an index. They also mention the importance of checking responses and ensuring logic is used correctly.

The conversation then moves on to uploading images and storing them in the database. They discuss the use of file resources, image metadata, and uploading files as multi-part resources. They encounter some issues with image uploads but eventually resolve them by creating file resources and using the "create image from file" function. They also mention the limitation of manually deleting files and suggest using a third-party service like Uploadcare for better file management. Lastly, they discuss the option of storing images as base64 in the database and acknowledge that it could work fine for small images with less importance on image quality. They mention that many people have successfully stored data URLs directly in Xano as strings. Overall, the meeting covers topics related to searching records, uploading and managing images, and the best practices for file management in Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 9/8 )

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