Maximizing Functionality: Integration Challenges with Xano and Auth0

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed various topics related to app development. Some key points include:

1. Opening pages: One of the State Changers was having trouble opening a single page and found a workaround by using a list page instead. 2. Sharing functionality: One State Changer was interested in learning how to implement sharing actions in their app, specifically how to share a page. They discussed custom schemes and domain links as possible solutions. 3. User profile pictures: The State Changers discussed retrieving the user's profile picture from a database and displaying it in the app. They mentioned using an API endpoint to retrieve the picture URL and binding it to the appropriate component. 4. Xano and Auth0 integration: The State Changers encountered issues with the integration between Xano and Auth0, especially in syncing user information. They discussed the need for further exploration and recommended reviewing documentation and videos on the topic. 5. Database structure: The State Changers reviewed the database schema and discussed how user information is stored in JSON format within a table. They clarified that it is not a separate table but a nested field within the main table. Overall, the meeting covered troubleshooting, sharing functionality, user profile pictures, and the Xano-Auth0 integration. The State Changer requested further assistance with the integration and was advised to allocate dedicated time for reviewing documentation and seeking help during office hours.

(Source: Office Hours 9/16 )

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