Navigating Authentication and User Login for Web Platforms

In this meeting, the State Changers are discussing how to be a service retailer and exploring best practices. They discuss the use of complex queries versus the get function for performance purposes. The consensus is that for most cases, doing smaller queries in sequence is easier to manage and understand. They also discuss logging in and logging out with a user, specifically looking for a method similar to how online banking logouts work. They talk about how the browser handles authentication using local storage and tokens. They mention using tools like Wized, Webflow, and Auth0 for authentication purposes. They discuss different approaches and options, such as setting cookies, using the JWT token, and working with back-end authentication. They mention using services like Xano for basic authentication needs, and Auth0 for more advanced enterprise-level security requirements. They also touch on the idea of transitioning from a no-code platform like Bubble to more code-intensive solutions. They agree to have another meeting to dive deeper into the topic of authentication and how to set up the logout functionality.

(Source: Office Hours 10/31 )

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