Navigating Challenges in Website Development with Xano and Wized

In this meeting, the State Changers, David and Anthony, discuss various topics related to their project. David shares his progress on implementing a donation feature using Stripe for businesses and nonprofits. He also talks about his concerns regarding the credibility of nonprofits and how he plans to mitigate that. David mentions the challenges he has faced with the Wized platform, which is still underdeveloped but offers powerful capabilities. Anthony provides guidance and suggests experimenting with different tools and approaches to parse PDF documents and extract structured data. They discuss the limitations of existing tools and explore options like using Adobe API or a combination of OCR and manual filtering. They acknowledge that finding the perfect solution may require a heuristic approach. The meeting concludes with Anthony mentioning the importance of learning and adapting along the way and expressing his continued support for David's project.

(Source: Office Hours 12/27 )

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