Navigating Challenges with Wized and Backing Up Webflow

The participants in the meeting were David, Kumar, and State Changers. David discussed his issues with Wized, mentioning that it doesn't work well with his JavaScript and manipulating data on the page. He also mentioned problems with the WIS code breaking other things on his web pages. He expressed frustration with getting back to a previous version of his code after making unsuccessful changes. Kumar brought up the issue of getting backups of individual web pages on Webflow and asked if there was a way to restore just one page instead of the entire site. They discussed the limitations of Webflow's backup system and the need for better version control. They considered reaching out to NC Scale, a company that creates version history tracking tools for low code systems, to see if they could add support for Wized and Webflow. They also mentioned the challenges of managing CSS and the limitations of Webflow's CSS preview feature. Overall, they acknowledged the complexities and difficulties of working with these tools and discussed potential solutions and avenues for further exploration.

(Source: Office Hours 1/2 )

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