Navigating Complex State Synchronization in Weweb: Overcoming Display Inconsistencies

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed an issue with state synchronization in a web development project. Carl shared his challenge with updating a date input field in WeWeb, which involves dealing with the input and the underlying variable associated with it. Carl mentioned that he copied the process from a standard template but is not sure if all the variables are necessary. He also raised concerns about how clearing the input works and how the expiration value is retained. The team discussed event bubbling as a possible cause for the issues and suggested testing it by moving the button outside of the container. Carl also discovered that the date input was not updating its value as expected. They explored using JavaScript to find the item data variable and updating it directly. The team tested different actions, such as clearing the preview and value and found some success, but still faced issues with display integrity. They discussed traversing the DOM tree to find common ancestors and using query selectors to update the display. The team advised Carl to share screenshots of the DOM tree in the forum and provided resources on how to use query selectors. They assured Carl that once the where and when of the implementation are known, resolving the issue should be straightforward. Carl agreed to add screenshots and continue the discussion in the forum.

(Source: Office Hours 8/4/2023 )

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