Navigating E-commerce Integration for Art Platform

In this meeting, the State Changer discusses the importance of having a fully functioning website and e-commerce platform before promoting it to potential customers. They mention considering Stripe and Webflow for their e-commerce needs, with artists being in charge of pricing on the platform. They also discuss the use of SKUs for product management and the possibility of using subscriptions for artists and nonprofits. The State Changer seeks advice on how to approach Webflow and Zano for setting up their e-commerce functionality and whether to work with a consultant or handle it themselves. The meeting also delves into the process of onboarding artists and the options for purchasing art, including physical pieces and prints. The State Changer receives guidance on setting up a two-sided marketplace, using Webflow's e-commerce templates, and employing manual processes before integrating automation. Finally, they delve into the synchronization of data between Webflow and Zano and explore possibilities for handling subscriptions through third-party platforms like Outsetta.

(Source: Office Hours 8/1 )

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