Navigating the Complexities of Financial Modeling and Integration for a Simulator

In this meeting, Cameron discusses the progress he has made with his calculations and formulas for a financial simulation. He shares his screen to walk the participants through his work and explains the different elements and calculations involved. He also raises questions about where to integrate a certain function and how to handle the cash sweep. The participants provide guidance and suggest using a nested loop approach with separate functions for each financial instrument. They also discuss the possibility of using Python and Jupyter notebooks for more complex analysis and distribution of the simulation. The participants emphasize the importance of clarity and separating concerns in the code. They encourage Cameron to keep an open mind and explore different learning resources, such as YouTube, books, and online courses, to expand his knowledge and find the best approach for his use case. The meeting ends with the participants discussing potential ways to democratize the simulation and distribute it to clients.

(Source: Office Hours 8/11/2023 )

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