Navigating the Magic Link Authentication Process between Weweb, Xano, and Email

In this meeting, Carrie is seeking help with setting up a password reset feature using magic links. She explains that when she clicks the reset password link, it takes her to a page that tells her to connect SendGrid, but she wants to use postmark and have it send the emails to the right place. The State Changers suggest looking into the generate magic link function in Xano and checking the URL and environment variables. They discuss the process of magic link authentication and how the URL and token work together. They also mention that Weweb may need some customization to properly use the magic link authentication. Carrie mentions that her main goal is to prevent people from contacting her directly to reset their password. The State Changers clarify that magic link and password reset are not the same and provide guidance on how to set up a password reset feature. They explain the process of sending an email with a reset password link containing a key, redirecting to a page where the user can enter a new password, and validating the key and updating the user's password in Xano. They mention the need to handle the password confirmation, sufficient password strength, and one-time use of the key. Finally, they advise Carrie to redirect users back to the login page after a successful password reset. Overall, the meeting provides guidance on setting up a password reset feature using magic links and clarifies the differences between magic link authentication and password reset.

(Source: Office Hours 1/25 )

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