Navigating Xano, Weweb, and Postmark: Debugging, Optimizing, and Customizing Email Templates

Meeting Summary:

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed three main topics. 1. Issue with Next URL in API Endpoint: The team discussed an issue with the Next URL in an API endpoint. They discovered that the problem stemmed from a variable reference to the wrong table, and they suggested fixing it by changing the variable reference. 2. Simplifying User Reports Query: The team discussed a use case involving user reports and how to simplify the query process. They realized that the user ID was already present in the auth token and could be used to filter the reports directly on the backend, eliminating the need for multiple calls from the front end. 3. Troubleshooting Email Template in Outlook: The team discussed a problem with an email template that looked distorted in Outlook. They explored possible solutions, including adding inline styling to the image tag and testing the email in different formats using tools like Responsively and Litmus. Overall, the meeting focused on resolving technical issues and finding more efficient ways to handle queries and email template styling.

(Source: Office Hours 10/13 )

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