Navigating XML APIs: Troubleshooting and Progress with Xano and Bpost

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed the structure of a table and the error message "Content is not allowed in prologue" that Crystal received. They examined a request in Hopscotch and noticed that it returned a 201 created status. However, they couldn't verify if the request worked in B Post since they didn't have access to it. They discussed the importance of knowing the inputs and outputs of the process and the need for visibility to understand changes and their effects. They outlined a three-step process: first, verify the functionality in Hopscotch and B Post; second, replicate the success in Xano; and third, connect the tables. The State Changer emphasized the complexity of XML APIs and the need for a thorough understanding of the process before proceeding. They concluded the meeting with a positive outlook, expressing excitement about working with older APIs and the potential for progress once the data is aligned.

(Source: Office Hours 7/19/23 )

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