Optimizing API Calls and Database Performance for Xano Integration

In this meeting, the participants discussed various issues related to API calls, database storage, and performance optimization. They mentioned the importance of having starter values for API calls and needing to store them in the database. They also discussed the relevance of season averages and how they are used as threshold values for games. The participants mentioned the possibility of creating a career card for players in the future.

They talked about the challenge of removing a bar and the difficulties of working with multiple screens. They also discussed the need to be mindful of the user's eyesight while working with larger screens. The participants explored the performance of the system and identified the source of slow performance to be the duration of external API requests. They discussed the option of using JSON objects to store and retrieve data in a more efficient manner. They also talked about the importance of managing API calls effectively and mentioned the possibility of optimizing performance by reducing the number of database writes. The participants identified certain areas for improvement, such as queries inside loops, and discussed the need for better error handling and logging. They also explored the possibility of running experiments to understand performance bottlenecks and mentioned the importance of a reliable and scalable system. In conclusion, the meeting covered topics related to API calls, database storage, performance optimization, and future improvements. The participants discussed ways to improve efficiency and highlighted the significance of effective data management.

(Source: Office Hours 11/24 )

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