Optimizing API Calls and Form Field Reset in Weweb

In this meeting, the main participants were Baley, James, and State Changers. Baley mentioned that they were able to solve the issue with cavitation. However, they had a question regarding API calls. James shared that they have a large API call with about 200 tasks and it takes around a minute to run. They discussed running it as a background task whenever new data is available and only having users request the data fetcher from the database. They also mentioned the possibility of converting it into a function and using asynchronous processing. James expressed concerns about the amount of work involved in implementing the solution, but the group agreed that running it asynchronously would be a cost-effective option. Baley then brought up an issue with a form field not resetting after posting a comment. They looked into using JavaScript code to clear the field but encountered difficulties. They decided to try implementing the solution in Webflow instead by setting the value of the input field to an empty string on button click. They tested the solution and confirmed that it worked. Overall, the meeting addressed the questions regarding API calls and form field resetting and provided solutions for both.

(Source: Office Hours 2/6 )

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