Optimizing API Calls and Performance Improvement in Xano+Weweb Integration

In this meeting, the participants discuss the handling of fields in a table and the use of JSON to store API responses. They clarify that only the hash field is important for lookup purposes, while the JSON field will store the API response. They also discuss data manipulation and creating variables to access specific fields in the table. The participants mention the need to save work and make adjustments to the JSON view in the table. There is a focus on performance improvement, keeping changes within the existing system, and avoiding changes to inputs and outputs. The goal is to gradually improve the system's performance by reducing the frequency of API calls. The participants acknowledge the possibility of re-engineering in the future, but for now, they recommend making changes inside the existing framework. The meeting concludes with an encouragement to test the system and monitor its ongoing performance.

(Source: Office Hours 7/24/23 )

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