Optimizing Bubble and Xano Integration for User Management and Performance

In this meeting, the State Changer discusses the process of adding and subtracting integers from an array in Bubble. They discuss the issue of removing someone as an admin from a company and how to update the list of admins in the Xano database. The question arises whether to treat the user IDs as text or numbers, and it is suggested to cast them as numbers in Xano but use them as text in Bubble. The State Changer notes that Bubble is easy to use for certain tasks but can be challenging for others, while Xano offers more flexibility but requires more thought. It is suggested to utilize Xano for tasks that are difficult to accomplish in Bubble. The State Changer also considers creating separate endpoints for searching users based on integers or text in order to avoid changing the entire user list search process. The importance of performance optimization is emphasized, with the recommendation to release the software to customers sooner to identify and address potential performance issues. The meeting concludes with a discussion about permission settings and any additional help needed.

(Source: Office Hours 10/6 Late )

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