Optimizing Canceling API Calls in Xano

In this meeting, State Changer presented an optimization question regarding a canceling API call in Xano. They explained that they are currently using a conditional loop to retrieve elements from two separate tables and match them. They asked for a better way to accomplish this.

State Changer then shared their code and explained their current approach of querying records from the "availabilities" table and adding them to a variable. They expressed concerns about the performance of their current solution. To address this, the other participant suggested creating a new variable called "canceledIDs" and assigning it the value of "availabilities.ID". This would create a list of IDs from the "availabilities" table. They recommended using the "in" operator to match the IDs with records from the "waitlist" table, eliminating the need for multiple queries. State Changer agreed to try this solution and ran a debug to verify its functionality. They discussed the benefits of using this pattern for performance optimization and expressed satisfaction with the new approach. The meeting concluded with State Changer expressing gratitude and mentioning the possibility of having more questions in future meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 11/21 )

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