Optimizing Database Queries for Efficient Data Retrieval in Webflow with Xano

The meeting discussed the issue of accessing a specific instance in the Xano account. The participant, Brandon, explained that he wants to create a big product database and pull top-selling information from different sources like Best Buy and Amazon. There were two proposed approaches: adding another field within the product database to store this information or creating separate databases for each source and pulling the necessary data as needed.

The State Changers, specifically one named Xano, recommended the latter approach. They suggested creating a separate database for each source and storing the necessary information, such as the ID, SKU, and rank. This would allow for more efficient querying of specific data instead of searching through the entire product database. They also discussed the concept of indices and how they improve search performance. By indexing the relevant fields, such as the ASIN, the database can quickly locate the desired records without scanning the entire database. This would further enhance the efficiency of retrieving the top-selling information. Additionally, Brandon asked about the scalability and size of the database. Xano assured him that he doesn't need to worry about the size of the table at this point, as he is far from reaching the scale that would cause performance issues. The focus should be on optimizing queries and minimizing the number of requests made to the database. Overall, the meeting provided clarity on efficient data storage and retrieval methods, indexing, and scalability considerations for the product database.

(Source: Office Hours 10/19 )

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