Optimizing Date Filtering in Xano for Notifying Bookings

In this meeting, James presents a function he has created to retrieve booking start dates within a specific time range. He plans to run this function every 24 hours to notify users of upcoming bookings. However, he encounters an issue where the availability start date is in string format, and he needs it to be a timestamp for the query to work correctly.

The State Changer suggests using the "moments" library to format the date string into a timestamp and suggests doing a stop and debug to check if the bookings are being retrieved successfully. James implements this suggestion and is able to retrieve the desired data. The State Changer also recommends using a more direct approach to retrieve the bookings by filtering for exact dates instead of using a range. This will improve performance as add-ons are applied after the page data is loaded and can't be used for filtering directly. James appreciates the solution and chooses not to make any further changes as the function will be run in the background once a day and the current setup is sufficient. Overall, the meeting focuses on resolving the issue of retrieving booking start dates within a specific time range and provides a solution using the moments library and adjusting the query approach.

(Source: Office Hours 12/16 )

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