Optimizing Speed and Simplicity: Planning and Prototyping for Efficient Iteration

The meeting participants discussed the importance of optimizing speed of iteration and simplicity in their projects. They questioned the amount of planning necessary to avoid problems without overcomplicating things. One participant shared that they start with a word document to list out the features and focus on the big picture. Another participant mentioned a rule they use called the "one-two rule," where they give themselves one hour to make progress and reassess after two hours. They emphasized the importance of getting things out the door to gather market feedback and minimize time to learning. They also discussed the use of prototypes to answer specific questions and the benefits of automation in reducing design complexity. Finally, the participants discussed using tools like Bubble for development, but expressed struggles in achieving custom designs and asked for advice on creating custom elements like sliders.

(Source: Office Hours 6/23/23 )

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