Optimizing Website Performance using Network Analysis and Lazy Loading

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss website performance and how to improve it. David shares his concerns about the loading time of his website and asks for advice on optimizing it. Ray suggests using the "waterfall" view to identify performance bottlenecks and recommends the Lighthouse tool provided by Google for performance analysis. They discuss deferring script tags and introducing caching to improve performance. The State Changers also discuss techniques like interstitials and skeleton states to reduce perceived delays and build user trust. David asks about the character limit for JavaScript files and whether he should use an external GitHub repository. Ray advises him to try embedding the JavaScript in the header first and switch to an external repository if necessary. They also mention lazy loading images and clarify that the CDN handles the caching, and the browser requests the image when it's needed. They conclude the meeting by discussing follow-up actions and scheduling future sessions.

(Source: Office Hours 2/1 )

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