Optimizing Xano and Weweb Integration with API Sorter and Library Functions

In this meeting, the State Changer participants discussed a technical issue related to API sorting and handling form submissions from Webflow. David explained his current approach of using an API to filter artworks and another API sorter to manage form submissions from Webflow. He expressed uncertainty about whether this is the best way to handle the limitations of Webflow.

Ray suggested a clearing house pattern as a possible solution, where a single API sorter would extract the form name from the submitted JSON and then pass it to specific functions based on the form name. This approach would simplify the code and make each function isolated and testable. Ray also advised converting the existing API endpoints to functions in the Xano library. David acknowledged the usefulness of this approach and clarified that he can modify the functions if needed. He confirmed that he was on the right path with his initial ideas. The meeting then moved on to discuss Anya's primary needs, and David was asked to stop sharing his screen to make way for Anya's presentation.

(Source: Office Hours 7/25 )

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