Optimizing Xano API Performance for Ugandan Customers

In this meeting, State Changer raised an issue with their customers experiencing slow performance on their backend system. They mentioned having upgraded their instance to scale, but are now unable to edit APIs as they are stuck at a connection loss. State Changer mentioned their customers are located in Uganda, and it was suggested that the performance issue may be due to the instance being hosted in the United States. It was proposed that State Changer open a ticket with the Xano support team to move their instance to a data center closer to their customers, potentially in North Africa. This can improve performance and reliability. It was explained that the issue could be related to a low-level problem during the transition to the new machine. However, the importance of choosing a geographically suitable hosting location for better reliability was emphasized. State Changer thanked for the recommendation and was advised to share any updates or solutions from Xano's support team.

(Source: Office Hours 8/22/2023 )

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