Optimizing Xano function and understanding the use of set conditional vs regular conditional

In this meeting, the participant (referred to as State Changer) shares their screen to show a function they created based on a previous discussion. They have optimized the function and added set conditionals to serve as a switch for different sports. They are seeking advice on when to use set conditionals versus regular conditionals.

The other participant (referred to as Ray) explains that using set conditionals can be useful for quickly building out an object with sets based on specific criteria, avoiding the need for if-then statements. However, he points out that using set conditionals can result in implicit logic that is not evident when looking at the function stack, requiring additional effort to understand. Ray mentions an analogy of Leonardo da Vinci's notebook, where the design is only visible when all the pages are laid on top of each other. He suggests using conditionals for major pieces of logic to have a clearer understanding of the flow, and using set conditionals for minor or quick decisions. Overall, Ray recommends using conditionals for major logic and set conditionals for minor decisions.

(Source: Office Hours 8/18 )

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