Optimizing Xano Performance and Troubleshooting Webflow Filter Slowdowns

In this meeting, State Changer Carl discusses a fix he implemented for a value expiration issue. He mentions that there are still some issues that appear to be related to the Wized platform. Additionally, he asks if anyone has experience with Xano scale plans and the potential for speed improvements. State Changer Walt suggests that Xano scale plans could handle more simultaneous requests and advises Carl to check if any specific parts of his workflow are causing slow performance. Walt recommended using a Lambda function to optimize performance for specific data manipulation steps. They also discuss the possibility of Weweb causing a slowdown in the filtering process. Walt suggests trying different filters to identify the potential bottleneck and improve the overall performance. The meeting ends with Carl agreeing to investigate and experiment to identify and resolve the performance issues.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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