Options for Uploading Images from FlutterFlow to Xano


The State Changers were discussing the issue of uploading an image from Flutterflow to Xano. It was mentioned that a dummy test setup was created on both platforms, but there were errors when attempting to upload the image. It was noted that Flutterflow has a built-in action for uploading images to Firebase, but the preference was to avoid storing data on both Firebase and Xano due to cost reasons. The suggestion was made to consider using an alternative file storage system, such as Firebase Storage, S3, or Azure Files, and have Xano manage the references to the files. It was pointed out that Xano's file management capabilities are currently limited and may not be suitable for certain use cases, such as HIPAA compliance. The importance of tool selection in the no-code space to make development easier and more efficient was emphasized. It was recommended to explore options like Firebase and Uploadcare for a more streamlined image upload process. The proposed solution involved uploading the image to Firebase and then sending the Firebase URL to Xano, where it would be stored as a text field associated with the relevant data. This approach would avoid having the actual image stored in Xano and instead use Firebase as the file storage system. The State Changer agreed to further research and experiment with this solution and return if necessary for additional support.

(Source: Office Hours 10/12 )

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