Redis and Database Usage for Caching and User Data

In this meeting, the participants discuss the use of Redis and a NoSQL database for caching results in a game. They consider whether it is still beneficial to use Redis or if they should just write over the record in the database every few minutes. They talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Redis, such as its speed and memory usage. They also mention the importance of findability and the ability to query data in a relational database. The participants explore the idea of transforming data in the endpoint and caching analysis results. They discuss the difference between storing durable truth in a database and caching data from third-party sources. They emphasize the importance of developer velocity, user convenience, and cost control in making the decision. Overall, the meeting provides insights into the considerations when choosing between Redis and a relational database for caching and performance optimization.

(Source: Office Hours 5/17 AM )

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