Refactoring and Simplifying User Journey for Xano's Web Application

In this meeting, the person presenting shows their previous version of a project and how they refactored it. They explain the user flow, starting with choosing a sport and then selecting a competition. They mention that the previous version had a seven-step process, but they refactored it to a four-step process based on feedback received. They discuss the use of breadcrumbs in the user experience and question whether they are necessary since the form is AJAX-based. The other person in the meeting suggests that breadcrumbs are more important for HTML forms and that the browser back button can serve the purpose of navigation. They suggest that the focus should be on allowing users to navigate to relevant sections based on their current context rather than considering all possible paths. The person presenting appreciates this discussion as it helps them be less rigid in their approach. The meeting ends with a request to send a photo for a specific purpose related to Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 3/28 AM )

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