Refining Data Structure for Displaying Headshots of Players

During the meeting, State Changer Amir discussed his headshot situation and shared his screen to explain the API and data structure he was working with. Amir mentioned that he cleared out previous examples and now wanted to use the headshot API. Ray, another State Changer, advised Amir to adjust the data structure to simplify it for displaying a list of players and their headshots. Ray suggested making separate API calls for each data point, such as sport, schedule, roster, and headshot. He explained how JSON Path could be used to access the required data and advised Amir to use the "item" variable in the list view to display the player's headshot. They also discussed generating smaller API calls for specific information as needed. Overall, Ray guided Amir on how to modify the data structure and use JSON Path to efficiently display the headshots of players in a list view using Flutterflow.

(Source: Office Hours 2/16 )

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